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TOPCHEF  de Luxe Glass Ceramic Built In Grill

Luxury EXTRA LARGE Glass Ceramic Grill for built in use. 

Double Cooking Area - Power 2.500 + 2.500 W - 230V - 50/60 Hz Size 650 x 60 x 170 mm

Patented Drip Front Tray for grease




Glass Ceramic Grill


Revolutionary glass ceramic barbecue

Perfect to be used at home as well as onboard.


Top Performance and save of energy thanks to special professional 2.500 W powerful heating elements


TOPCHEF is a powerful electric CERAMIC Grill and ideal tool for the best cook. The ceramic glass grill HOB allow you to cook nearly all foods directly on the cooking surface. Grilling directly on the surface eliminates the need of pots and pans. This cooking system is for this reason very fast and efficient. Cooking with such a unique device means less calories and more vitamins than with other food preparation techniques. The cooking temperatures are very high (more than 300°C so perfect for grilling steaks). Thanks to the fact that they can easily be moved and carried TOPCHEF grills are the ideal choice for parties or showcooking.

TOPCHEF can be built in your garden kitchen or be used as a free standing bbq.


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